f a l l s t r e a k | ambient | 2020

A fallstreak hole, also known as a hole punch cloud, punch hole cloud, skypunch, canal cloud or cloud hole, is a large circular or elliptical gap that can appear in Cirrocumulus or Altocumulus clouds. Such holes are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation (see supercooled water).

And now . . . it’s [also] a mix – sparse and slowly evolving with piano infused aural tapestries, atmospheres & drones – meant to patch fallstreak holes on the fly. The listener is cautioned to gird themselves with a comfortable pair of wireless ear-buds, as accompaniment, along the journey (a free-fall??) through the hazy, ambient-strewn upper stratosphere.

01 Ambient Landscape – Ghost intro
02 PinkCourtesyPhone – Date of Loss
03 Conor C. Ellis – Soft Earth (excerpt)
04 Hilyard – Windows
05 Xo Xinh – Conversation
06 Earlyguard – Disintegrated
07 Brian Eno – Lanzarote
08 Deaf Center – Movements / The Ascent
09 Tonepoet & Cloudfall – Free Falling through Life’s Cavernous Atmosphere
10 Mathieu Lamontagne & Emmanuel Toledo – Sans Titre
11 bvdub – Disappearing in the Sun
12 Jens Pauly – Nacht
13 Robert Rich & Markus Reuter – Flood Expeditions: Streamside, #4 (edit)
14 Simon Scott – Baaval
15 The Circular Ruins & Off the Sky – Through Solid Shadows