Ultimae’s copy really says it all. I’ve been previewing this album for the last several weeks (in the car, on house speaker & via earbuds on my Nordic Track).
There are beats for those who want them, intelligent aural design for those so inclined, ambient for folks like moi & controlled chaos for everyone else!
It is, all at once, subtle, sublime, powerful & recessed & . . . engaging!
(and perfect for the late night, high speed traversing of highways & by-ways).

AES (Vincent) has truly evolved in his field as a sound-scape leader & aural protagonist. I’m grateful to the powers that be @ Ultimae for gracing me with this seminal release.

We’ll be previewing a track from this collection on our 2020 inaugural mix
Ilvidri_ Ilvidri (title revealed in January) that scratches a more ambient/space itch . . . so stay tuned!

~Ambient Landscape

AES Dana is releasing his 8th solo album on the Ultimae imprint; glowing addition to the composer’s discography, Inks is at once a synthesis of everything that his music has been leading up to and an original step forwards in terms of expressiveness and contrast.

A self-taught electronic music composer, bass guitar and samplist, Vincent Villuis has quickly become one of the most recognizeable names in the broad-reaching “downtempo” field. With Inks, he delivers a sublime narrative album, fusion of ambient, idm, deep techno and drum’n’bass.

The finely-woven tapestries of his inspiring music are as much a dazzling exercise in rhythm chiseling, melody and texture as a pure, intuitive and intimate perspective of life’s intrigues.


01. Inks
02. Unfold
03. Nuphar Log
04. Peace Corrosion
05. Otherness (Album Edit)
06. Transparency Syndrome
07. Akacie
08. Ashen
09. The Gradual District
10. Alep Offset
11. Juniper

All tracks written, arranged, mixed and produced by Vincent Villuis
Mastered by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studios
Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe & Vincent Villuis
Photo credits: Anupam Lotlika