This mix first appeared here, and a wonderful mix it is!

But it wasn’t “mixed”.

The songs all faded to the end . . & then the next composition would begin after a moment or 2 of silence. So I downloaded it, separated the songs into their component parts, added 2 of my own & remixed it (unless a composition specifically calls for “space”, I abhor a mixological vacuum).

It was originally constructed by Brian Housman of Stationary Travels, celebrates the 6-year anniversary of the Planetarium mix platform (congratulations!) & is re-presented here for your listening enjoyment.


01 Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno – Like I Was A Spectator
(bonus track from Apollo, on EG Records – w/ A.L. elongated ending)
02 Jane Antonia Cornish – Seascapes I (self-released)
03 A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Sullen Sonata [Ninja Tune]
04 Wil Bolton – Marram [Facture]
05 Porya Hatami, Aaron Martin & Roberto Attanasio – Rêbendan [dronarivm]
06 r beny – Seafoam and Dust (self-released)
07 Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann – The Inlet Arc [Students of Decay]
08 Bethan Kellough – Vision [Touch]
09 Siavash Amini – What Wind Whispered to the Trees
10 Tide Jewel – The Shape of Heaven Changes Every Time You Say My Name (Tomonari Nozaki Remix)
11 Lee Yi – Safety Pins [Rottenman Editions]
12 OHIO – Always [12k]
13 Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer – Crystal Radio [Distance Recordings]

The cover art also reminded me of this