Sun Rings remix | Classical/Neo-Classical |Noise | 78:17

A classical/post-rock (w/traces-of-ether-jazz) mashup that’s been on the studio project board since the Sun Rings album was released this past August on Nonesuch records: composed by Terry Riley for string quartet, chorus, & pre-recorded spacescapes (electric & magnetic field plasma waves);
performed by the Kronos Quartet with Volti).

The mix was challenging from a creative perspective (segmenting, layering, overdubbing, edits & mini-mixing) — but was. in the end, as satisfying as it was difficult!

The mini-mixing (a mix within a mix) incorporates a new process we’re using: #blackboxsound: the project is segmented into areas of focus, broken down separately & mixed. The segments & edits are then brought into the final mixdown file & assembled (and often reassembled) until the desired audio environment is achieved. Each segment gets its own audio “box”, so to speak – the boxes are then opened & unleashed into the final deliverable.
Notes, by way of a text file MUST accompany each section of the mix, lest we forget exactly what we’ve used for the final track-listing.

The name originates back to the ‘black_elements‘ mix session, where we first began using the process, but never had a name by which to identify/communicate the process.

RBSPA BvBu 120911 1800 whistlers


01 Ekca Liena – Glockenspiel for Juno
02 Sun Rings: Ouverture de la cacophonie:
……w/Wings/Pink Floyd/King Crimson/David Bowie/Kronos Quartet
03 Kronos Quartet – Hero Danger
04 Heiner Gobbels – The Coast (interpolating TONUS’ Amplitude (excerpt))
05 Kronos Quartet – The Electron Cyclotron Frequency Parlour
06 Kronos Quartet – Earth Jupiter Kiss
07 Kronos Quartet – One Earth, One People, One Love (edit)
08 David Bowie – Some Are
09 Kronos Quartet – Earth Whistlers (edit)
10 Markus Reuter/Matangi Quartet – Netcong 63
11 Yo Yo Ma – Tcherepnin, Cello Suite; 4: Vivace
12 Kronos Quartet – Planet Elf Sindoori
13 Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin – Lay in the Low (viola/computer)
14 Kronos Quartet – Venus Upstream (w/ghost overdub finale)
15 Andy Summers – Oceans of Enceladus

#BlackBoxSound [TM]