With twenty releases to his credit, Jesse Sola, the lone creative force behind Numina, has been crafting compositions of electronic ambient sound spaces for nearly two decades. During that extensive career, Numina has defined – and refined – a signature sound realized from a collection of hardware synthesizers, effects, and a custom modular Eurorack synth system.

The latest in this personal exploration of electronic expression is Numina’s debut solo release on the Spotted Peccary label, THE CHROMA PLATEAU. This spacey, ethereal journey is a deep listening experience where wondrous ambient-electronic spaces fill a vast sonic canvas, unleashing faraway and introspective states of mind. Complex synthesized evolutions, wispy bell tone soundscapes, and foundational analog drones coalesce into a complete presentation of ephemeral moments and expansive soundworlds.

With its gentle use of minimal sequences and sparse compositions, THE CHROMA PLATEAU easily finds it’s place within the firmament of traditional spacemusic albums, and with track titles like “Intergalactic Traveler,” “Beaming Up The Fossils,” “Bringer of the Beings,” “Sky Descender,” and “Living in the Clouds,” the listeners thoughts may be tempted to imagine the heavens. However, even though there is some direction implied by the track titles themselves, Sola hopes to leave the details open for interpretation. “I never want to invoke any feeling, emotion, or direction on how my music should or should not be interpreted by the listener. This music is meant for any occasion the listener chooses – sleeping, hiking, star-gazing, philosophizing, commuting, etc. – a soundtrack for one’s current activity.”

No matter how the listener chooses to interface with the music, THE CHROMA PLATEAU is most certainly filled with deeply inspiring and beautiful moments, constantly evolving as the scenery of Numina’s refined sonic palette unfurls to reveal a marvelous mosaic of colors and dreams. 

Rreleased February 9, 2018