Every so often I’m impressed with the work of other mixers. Such is the case with Laima Persik, & her ‘Dimensions’ series. I have several editions of this series on my phone – and was impressed with the compositions on number fifty-nine.

It did, however, run a bit long for my listening preferences & the sequence of the compositions needed a little tweaking, in my opinion.

And so here it is . . . remixed. I sliced & edited the tracks – so much so that I don’t know the actual order of the titles. I added the following tracks – in this order, at different intervals within the overall construct of the mix.:

01. Resonance EXTRA – Lea Navigations #6 – The Olympic Park (excerpt)
02. Alio Die/Nick Parkin – Nitre (with excerpted portions of noise)
03. Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English – Immediate Horizon 3

In addition to the new tracks, I added some ghost editing (layers of sound atop sound), some longer fades/segues & a modified piece of cover art.

As I’m writing this, I have it on ear-buds (for about the dozenth time).
Think of it as an Ambient Landscape cover of a Laima Persik mix!
: )