An unposted Robert Fripp based mix from 2015 & a personal fave. This originally appeared on Mixcloud as a guest mix. I had nearly completed the set, received a request, sent the files & then forgot about posting it myself.

Robert Fripp (along with David Torn & Markus Reuter) is one of my all-time favorite guitarists & sound-sculptors (and the founder of King Crimson). He’s certainly left a HUGE musical footprint & has been an influence for many over the years.

Cover art made with the app Paper, by Fifty Three & a Bamboo stylus.

01 Marcus Fischer – Nearly There
02 1605_Munro – Oscila34 (feat. Robert Fripp)
03 Microvolt – Dissipate
04 Theo Travis & Robert Fripp – Improvisation.1
05 Illuha – Relative Hyperbolas of Amplified and Decaying Waveforms
06 Marcus Fischer – Monocoastal (Part 2)
07 Metropole Orkest & Robert Fripp – Pie Jesu
08 Johan Troch – The Enlightened
09 Peter Davidson – Grand Theft Saucer 1960
10 Robert Fripp – My Mother’s Birthday
11 Frore – A Name On The Wind
12 Robert Fripp – Affirmation_Imac
13 Robert Fripp – Let The Power Fall/1987
14 Memnon Sa – Titans Sleep
15 A Produce – The Golden Needle

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