Limited edition physical versions of ‘Immersion’ available with deluxe, hand-finished packaging: 

Day Edition (limited 52 copies) includes white / black CDr album in string bound book packaging. 

Night Edition box set (limited 52 copies) containing all black CDr album, string bound booklet, 4 x 25mm button badge set, unique one-off art print. 

Dusk Edition (limited 52 copies) with all black CDr album in matt recycled sleeve with insert. 

Dawn Edition (limited 52 copies) with white / black CDr album in textured recycled fold out sleeve with insert and button badge. 

To order, visit the A Year In The Country web site:

or Bandcamp page:

Released August 12, 2014 

Produced and recorded by Grey Frequency (Gavin Morrow). 

Artwork and design by AYITC Ocular Signals Department 
(utilising visual work/source material by Gavin Morrow). 

Released by A Year In The Country: