Ambient & Glitch | 79:05

A mix to go with an iPad cover I made last year using ‘Vectornater’ & ‘Paper by 53’. It’s a project built around the construct of long, deep sound installations, ghosting & extended segue/compositional editing 😉.

Source material was drawn from the various albums featured on the blog (I feature that which intrigues me & make notes as I post). As per usual, there was more material cached than I could possibly use . . . I find the best mixes are those where the cutting floor is filled with segued casualties.

So I give you, the general shape & outline of what should resemble an ambient mix collective (bleeding onto/into dark causticity glitchy, micro-sonic cacophony @ select moments) with dark/light contrasts, long-fades & a bit of noise & clatter near the end;

(“the machine can come” . . . )


01 France Jobin + Richard ChartierDuo 5
02 Carlo Giustini – Manifestazioni
03 扎克 (Zack) – Kasita
04 Thomas Ragsdale – Time To Go
05 Emmanuel Toledo & Lauri Hallikainen – Leaves Stories (ice) excerpt
…….(interpolating the intro of Max Richter’sThe Blue Notebooks‘)
06 Ümlaut – Zero
07 Federico Durand – Teatro de sombras (Shadow play)
08 O Yuki Conjugate – Dirty Roads
09 Eeem – La patience
10 Mathieu Lamontagne & Emmanuel Toledo – Il Le Faut Bien
11 Ebauche – Behind Closed Eyes
12 Plaster – Casual Encounter
13 Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois – United P92