The ‘e l e m e n t s‘ franchise welcomes this new arrival: 
an Avant-Garde/noise mashup of the album Sun of Goldfinger’ (released 03.01.19 on ECM) by:

It was on or about the 3rd to 4th listen of the album that the idea of slashing it into sections for recombination occurred to me. Then a random, drive-by remembrance of Pat Metheny’s Zero Tolerance for Silence seeped into my cranium along with some latter day Crimson, Song X, a sprinkling of TONUS . . . & the project was off,  running & eventually grew into a two-part set.

Working with excerpts from the 3, 20+ minute album compositions, I then treated each excerpt as a song unto itself & mixed them in with like-minded compositions. Din is often an arduous construct; and the wielding of the mixological axe requires patience, poise . . . & practice.

A few of the mixed tracks were treated (ghosted, slightly stretched/extended) for effect – but it’s predominantly a “straight-up” mix project. The title is pulled/morphed from the main compositions. Artwork flagrantly sourced, pondered upon & manipulated via iPad..

NOTE: Ambient Landscape, its affiliates & sponsors in no way accept responsibility as to claims of aural (or even mental) damage that may occur from the repeated playing of this mix!

Part 1 of 371:13
This series is available for download on our Bandcamp page.


01. J. Peter Schwalm – Zirkeltrilogie
02. YODOK III – This Earth We Walk Upon (excerpt)
03. David Torn, Tim Berne & Ches Smith – Eye Meddle (mashup 1)
04. TONUS – Ear Duration, Set 3 (excerpt)
05. Andrew Cyrille, Wadada Leo Smith & Bill Frisell – TGD
06. Larry Grenadier – Woebegone
07. Tim Berne’s Snakeoil – Angles
08. Ches Smith, David Torn & Tim Berne – Soften the Blow (excerpt)
09. Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries – Puncture Cycle X
10. Miles Davis – U ‘n’ I
11. Tim Berne, Ches Smith & David Torn – Spartan Before it Hit (excerpt)
12. Container – Peppered

Not for the Audiologically Squeamish!

#Triumvirate of the #Avant_Garde