The buzz began to grow when the studio announced we were going back into the soundroom for an ‘elements’ project! With the All About Jazz* interview behind us, new material had been lining up for a few months & the sound engineer had been strangely silent when asked about the rate of downloads that were streaming in.

What was the trajectory?

What audiological pathway?

Where was the elements franchise heading?

The GOAL (at least) was to create dual streams within the same mix: a 2 part mix made, specifically, to be played back-to-back (as if the 2, together, were a single deliverable).

Treated structural timber, audiological nomenclature & ghost-editing did (at times) play significantly into the mix construct – but were juxtaposed against the straight-up, real-time value of the artist’s original offerings.

The project title reflects the mission: these are windows into the eclectic & avant garde ether-jazz world that encompass the ‘elements’ series – and we think you’ll enjoy this, the final project deliverable.

Part 1 | 86:05


01 Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile – Modul 12
02 Yaz Ahmed – Inhale
03 Porya Hatami & Arovane – Kann
04 Vassilis Tsabropoulos – Diamond Cut Diamond
05 Heiner Goebbels – Exhibition of Objects: interpolating
……………………………………Jan Daelman, Dirk Serries & Thijs Troch – B and
……………………………………Kali – Riot (excerpt 1)
06 Hely – Opio
07 Kali – Bist du ein Schmetterling
08 Bobo Stetson Trio – Hemingway Intonations
09 Thomas Strønen & Time is a Blind Guide – Truth Grows Gradually
10 Hely – Cluster
11 Medeski, Martin & Wood – Kenny
12 Vijay Iyer Trio – Diptych
13 Jack DeJohnette, Matt Garrison & Ravi Coltrane – Two Jimmys
14 Medeski, Martin & Wood – Illinization
15 Kali – Trope

elements_windows part 1