The front:
More, more . . . and then some more.

More eclectic, nuanced experimentation & improvisation from the creative Belgium mastermind, avant-garde Jazz collective:

Utilizing tracks from TONUS’ “Ear Duration”, “Puncture Cycle” & “Zeitweise Leichter Schneefall” (At Times, Light Snowfall) this follows an #EtherJazz, #Noise, Avant-Garde & #Experimental Ambient pathway . . . with the entire mix resting atop a ghosted/layered backdrop, itself excerpted from Ear Duration (giving the project a subtle ambient feel). This was worked on in 2 sections (A & B). Then we tinkered, tweaked & tailored until the two halves were ready to be retro-stitched together.

Many thanks to Mr. Dirk Serries for slipping us the codes for the downloads just prior to Christmas so the previewing, audiological tinkering & mixological machinations could begin!

Granted – this is a new way of crafting compositions within the Jazz genre. As such, it can be a difficult listen at first. However, if things go according to Dirk’s master plan of worldwide genre domination, the style should begin to grow on you and it has been invigorating to be even marginally part of this Jazz excursion!

🎷 🎸 🎻 🎧 🙂

The back:
As I began listening to the new tracks between Christmas & New Year’s, I crafted a diagram of what I had in mind for this project prior to beginning work on the actual mix. The new mix model revolves around a long-form piece: ghosting & stretching the original piece & then breaking it up into intersectional slabs of sound. Other compositions are then inserted between the fragmented sections, layered on top of the ghosted edit & then rendered/mixed down into the final deliverable. This creates an echo of the original work within the mix, with the actual composition playing on top of its own subdued echo.

The next project from our studio will utilize this model within the Ambient genre.

Mixing, for our engineering crew must push the envelope & break new ground . . . or it ceases to be a creative effort & merely a functional/productional one (time to make the, uhm . . . donuts, er . . . yet another mix 😉)

The cover art was discovered during an online search & then “massaged” via iPad using Paper by Fifty Three.

A New Mix Model

A New Wave of Jazz | 61:06

01 Iceland Symphony Orchestra – BD (excerpt)
02 TONUS – Ear Duration – Set 1A
03 Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries – Puncture Cycle, II
04 Christoph Schiller & Anouck Genthon – Zeitweise Leichter Schneefall
05 TONUS – Ear Duration – Set 1B
06 Christoph Schiller & Anouck Genthon – der Meidingersche Fullofen
07 Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries – Puncture Cycle, VII
08 Dirk Serries & Benedict Taylor – Puncture Cycle, VI
09 Christoph Schiller & Anouck Genthon – Flaschenpost
10 TONUS – Ear Duration – Set 1D
11 Heiner Goebbels – The Fog
12 Christoph Schiller & Anouck Genthon – die Stille
. . . .(sampling excerpts from ‘HISS’, by Colin Webster & ‘Aequora’ by Icelandic Symphony Orchestra)
13 Dirk Serries – In the Beckoning Rust (overlap/fade w/ track 12)


A New Wave of Mix