Happy 2019 everyone!

I hope this finds you well & ready to to take on the new year – may it bring out the best you have so that you may prosper & thrive!

I’ve been informed via internal email from our engineering staff that we have an impressive mix lineup ready to roll out this year, beginning with part 2 of what began as a 2 part mix (but is about to grow into a third installment) — an ‘e l e m e n t s‘ side project (and a blast to mix!).

Highly experimental, slightly caustic (in spots) & cutting-freakin’ edge . . .

Most all the compositions were w-a-y too long to be included on any mix – so they’re excerpted (x) with l-o-n-g fades, overlays & old-world, precision craftsmanship; rolling in @ 67:59 total running time.

We’ve been previewing tracks from several about-to-be-released TONUS projects; so, as stated, there will be a part 3 (of sorts). It will take a slightly different turn, mix-wise, than its predecessors – look for it sometime within the month of March (complete with its varied & multiple Ides).



01 Brian Eno – Neroli (x)
02 Frieband – Emanate, Pt 2 (x)
03 TONUS – Texture II (x)
04 Dirk Serries – Celestial Perfume
05 TONUS – IV (x)
06 TONUS – Texture III (x)
07 Serries, Verhoeven & Webster – Cinepalace 2 (x)
08 Reto Bieri – Holliger, Contrechant – II
09 ::vtol::12_262 (drill-bit edit)
.(a cool project itself, inspired by Soviet/Arctic deep-earth drilling)
10 Dirk Serries – Diffused Wire Appliance
11 Erik K. Skodvin – Corrin Den
12 Fantoom – Sluimer 1 (x)
13 Radian – Unje

TONUS Tribute 2