1. The things that objects can tell us about ourselves 49:47 
“The being of objects is an issue distinct from the question of our knowledge of objects. Here, of course, it seems obvious that in order to discuss the being of objects we must first know objects” 

– Levi R. Bryant. The Democracy of Objects. 

“To destroy objects has always been important in my work as a way to transform matter through very emotional and redeeming actions. The beauty of a broken object is only comparable with the beauty of the sounds product of this destruction.” David Veléz . 

This album is centred on Velez’s teaching of foley, the art of sound design for film, and in particular the suggestion of fictions through the destruction of objects. 

It is an album made from Veléz performances with objects and aims to convey catastrophic ambiences with destructive aftermaths. 

Thanks to: Kate Carr and Monty Adkins