“A manifestation is an object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical”

These are five untamed field recordings captured between the desolate streets of suburban Treviso in late June 2018.
Five explorations of the secret language whispered by its houses and by the slow and mysterious movements of its inhabitants exhausted by the summer heat.

Matter owns a hidden language, a dusty and ancient one.
Sound is matter.

Matter is a tactile manifestation of something that is higher, or at least something that lives hidden among the cracks of our everyday life.

Something vast, which is capable of moving matter and space.
Something speaking in codes.

The movements captured in this work are sometimes brusque, sometimes more tired and dragged.

These are five declarations of love towards a more real world of truth, a world that is hidden but that somehow manifests itself continuously through the familiar sound of objects and everyday life.

All five recordings are first single takes, recorded on worn out tape rolls found here and there.

All recordings captured with a rusty Phillips portable tape recorder and a contact mic.