Kompakt‘s next Pop Ambient compilation comes out on November 30th, 2018. The label’s calling it a “change of pace” compared to previous entries in the series, in that it focuses more on acoustic and avant-garde ambient styles.

“The 100-percent kick drum-free Pop Ambient series is the most endearing and enduring concept that I have had the pleasure to curate,” says Kompakt boss Wolfgang Voigt. “For this special edition, I create a homogenous experience that would both appeal to our followers and continue our tradition while integrating new micro-facets from neighboring musical universes as much as possible.”

The tracklist is full of previous contributors to the series, including Yui Onodera, Leandro Fresco, Thomas Fehlmann and The Black Frame (AKA Jörg Burger, who records under monikers like The Bionaut and The Modernist).


A1 Thore Pfeiffer – Alles Wird
A2 Coupler – A Plain Of
A3 The Black Frame – The Uncertainty Principle
B1 Kenneth James Gibson – Gone Too Soon
B2 Morgen Wurde – Schien Immer feat. Maria Estrella
C1 Gregor Schwellenbach – Rot 2
C2 Last Train To Brooklyn – Bluebird
C3 Max Würden feat. Luis Reichard – Zweitens
C4 Thomas Fehlmann – Karenina
D1 Leandro Fresco – Araña De Vidrio
D2 Yui Onodera – Cromo 3
D3 Triola – Adren
D4 Max Würden – Core

Kompakt will release Pop Ambient 2019 on November 30th, 2018.

Pop Ambient 2019