File under #EtherJazz

Watch this new clip of the Bristol project in action…

Ishmael Ensemble are sometimes few, sometimes many, but always operate with the same questing spirit for innovation.

Essentially rooted in jazz, the project’s outlook blends club culture, left field electronics, and much more into an unholy blend.

Recently returning with an essential new seven inch – named Single Of The Week in London vinyl haunt Sounds Of The Universe – Ishmael Ensemble are currently working on a trilogy of releases, all inspired by Bristol and its surroundings.

The second release is incoming – order the first installment HERE – but we’ve been handed a new live clip.

Opening with ‘The Chapel’ and it’s swirling blizzard of electronics, that incessant horn line gradually finds a way to the front, the analogue and humane asserting itself against the digital swarm.

‘Full Circle’ is a sheer ensemble piece, each instrument interweaving around the next to produce something far larger than the sum of its parts.

Ishmael Ensemble remain an inspiration – we can’t wait to see where they go next.