This mix was made a few years ago & then shelved. Comprised of Ambient + Drone pieces, I had actually forgotten about it and, when I recently opened a folder of partially finished projects, found it.

The goal here was to truly hit a resonant spot within in the Eno “Interesting yet ignorable” ambient spectrum.

Each track, except the closer by Horsetail, was imported into Audacity for some post-production editing: stretching, echo addition, reverberation, added bass, etc.

Seven compositions stretched to a tad under 79 minutes – I’ve been listening to it on & off for a month or so & like it – & hope you will, too!

01 Oophoi – Quantum Light
02 Steve Brand – Light, Mother of Shadows
03 Robert Davies – Delicate Disintegration
04 Jeff Greinke – The Corner
05 Viridian Sun – (Even More) Light Years from Here
06 Mystified – Octavepus
07 Horsetail – Hollow Sea