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“ást” means Love in icelandic and this record has been composed and recorded after 1 year of domestic partnership with my lady and this is the 1st time for me going through this, cause I never had the chance to live together with the previous ladies of my life. So, I can say that “ást” tries to tell how this year has changed me as a person and as a man, trying to focus the attention on little things to which we generally do not pay attention to, because we take them for granted, but in my opinion (and this is usual to me, I don’t have the habit to take things for granted) they are absolutely important.

“ást” is everyday life and smiles, cries, fights at night. “ást” is heartbeating, “ást” is to breathe.

When I listen to “ást” it’s like to see myself through a mirror, it’s like to see a shy sunrise early at morning, it’s like to see raindrops on windows glasses, it’s like to smell the scent of night (just smoking a cigarette outdoor before going to bed) when you feel worried about your future.

I composed and recorded the album between October and December 2017 and I remember I used to feel serene during the recording sessions; maybe it was the first time in my life as a musician (composer and folksinger as well) in which I felt really serene while composing an album.. a very different one from what I’ve done with music up to 2017. So, I used to feel relaxed, I used to feel an inner peace in my heart, even though I was living (and still I am) a period of very great change.

Released April 22, 2018Composed, Arranged and Recorded by FALLEN with Piano,
Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, Guitars, Field Recordings
(people, traffic, television, radios) and Found Objects (paper, bottles)
between October and December 2017.

Mixed and Mastered by FALLEN in December 2017.

Thanks to Colin Herrick and Time Released Sound, Chiara (my Love),
all the foreign and the Italian press who have reviewed my releases up today, my family.