A favourite producer of Lucidflow, Dub Taylor is the deeper, dubbier alias of Alexander “Tigerskin” Krüger – best known for his releases across the highly regarded Dirt Crew, Morris Audio, Dessous imprints to name a few. As Dub Taylor, he popped up on Lucidflow co-owner Nadja Lind’s epic ‘Brain Candy’ remixes album – taking After The Rain through a slowly swinging harmonic dub workout. However, his debut release on Lucidflow ‘Path Beyond Ego’ sees the Berlin based producer in vibrant and energetic form.

This is epitomised in lead track ‘Get Up Dub’. Rolling and hypnotic, the melodic elements sit low in the mix like a blanket of murky mist, perforated by the shout of “GET UP!” throughout the track. Direct and effective, it begs for the long undulating mix treatment from DJs in full mastery of their pitch control skills.

Equally rolling is ‘Lamma’, whose tumbling beats drive the track. Resonate dub chords straddle the dived between percussive and harmonic, twanging in the background. As the track progresses, the brassy melody that rises eventually flourishes into a string led breakdown. Like a dolphin breaking the surface of the ocean, it arcs in the air before diving back down into the aqua with graceful ease.

Finally, ‘Ten O’Clock Dub’ marries half time elements over the steady footsteps of the house tempo. The uptempo heartbeat retains a vibrancy but the mood is most certainly more languid. The traditional organic dub backing sits perfectly with the modern electronic template set out by pioneering dub labels such as Basic Channel and Maurizio.