Old & new converge to once again ford the ever meandering, ambient stream…the slipstream. This series, crafted from 2006 through 2009, makes me reflect upon the entire ambient genre. Every musical category has, for me (and probably others as well), a “sweet spot” – that is to say, a favorite period of time when, in the listener’s opinion, the genre was at its height. For me, ambient music hit its peak from approximately 1995/1997 to 2010/2012:

Albums like Smile on the Void (A Produce) 2001, The Equatorial Stars (Brian Eno & Robert Fripp) 2005, Sanctuary of Dreams (Numina) 2004, Perihelion (Viridian Sun) 1999, Strata (Steve Roach & Robert Rich) O.K., that’s from 1990, Lanterna (Henry Frayne) 1995, Electric Ladder (Robert Rich) 2005, The Wine of Silence (Robert Fripp) 2012 and a perennial favorite Seofon’s Zero Point (2001) – all shaped my love for the genre as well as helped me hone my mix-craft.

And, coincidentally, this edition (with its punched-up cover art drafting off the original series with a color tweak) is just in time for my town’s annual ‘slipstream’ parade (and the ONLY American town, btw, still paying tribute to the ambient mix series that, ahem…put it on the map) ;- D

Please march (and enjoy) responsibly . . . 89:00

01 Michel Banabila – Dissolve (excerpt)
02 Ambient Landscape – Holonic (excerpt)
03 Robert Henke – Signal to Noise, pt 2
04 Brian Eno – Shadow
05 Michael Trommer – Some Sparkled Horizon
___(sampling Location 1, by Si Begg)
06 Michael Meara – By Shadowed Cliffs
07 High Plains – The Dusk Pines
08 Robert Rich – Beyond, pt 5
09 Marsen Jules – Lazy Sunday funerals
10 O Yuki Conjugate – Out Through The Skin
11 Fern – Zerinnung
12 The Circular Ruins/Off the Sky – Hide & Seek
13 Benoît Pioulard – Florid (Loscil Remix)
14 dreamSTATE – Sunspot Interference
15 The Circular Ruins – Adrift
16 Jeff Greinke – Orographic

slipstream 2018 treat 2