Brian Eno will release ‘‘Music For Installationson May 4th.

In commemoration of that, our studio engineers have crafted for me a personal mix (residing on my phone & iPad) which is perfect for computing, writing, contemplating, cleaning firearms, reading the U.S. Constitution, heterosexual love-making, napping, dithering and/or staring out windows — utilizing several fine atmospheres from Mr. Eno’s v-a-s-t ambient collection.

This simply condenses several long-form pieces into something easily managed & looped if a longer listening session is required.


1. Kazakhstan (excerpt)
2. Reflection (excerpt)
3. LUX (excerpt)
4. Compact Forest Proposal, Condition 5
5. Music for Installations/Kazakhstan (fade-in excerpt II)
6. Left Where it Fell (excerpt)

Music for Installations