MARCH 2020: Released from Embargoed Status!!
The bans, tariffs & prohibitions now lifted, this project (previously released in an extremely limited venue) can finally be made available world-wide!

Talk about cognitive dissonance – this mix began with the Fripp & Reuter pieces and slowly grew from there over a period of 3-4 months. Some of the toughest mixes for me to make are the unplanned ones . . . where I keep adding, tweaking, playing with volume/segue/sequence lengths & then “finish” it; only to add another compoV for Veronicasition or treatment the next day!

It is when crafting the sound slabs which incorporate my mixes that I most appreciate an intense ability to focus on the final deliverable. This project touches all the audiological points, for this mixer: Ambient, Jazz, Experimental & Post-Rock ~ along with my favorite guitarists: Robert Fripp, Markus Reuter & David Torn (with both Fripp & Torn appearing solo & within the context of a band)

The title originates from the Reuter track & the fact that I remixed this three+ times (until I was happy with it!). Previously a Bandcamp-only release (remixed @ our Northern Point Studio w/ artwork painted/tweaked via 53’s Paper app) this is a nice companion to our Fripp 2015mix.

Tags: #Ambient | #Experimental | #PostRock | #AvantGarde

Please enjoy responsibly ;- ) | 91:56

01 Aairria – Well of Hope (excerpt)
02 Jeff Greinke – Night Watch
03 Kristjan Randalu, Ben Monder & Markku Ounaskari – Sisu
04 Ekca Liena – Onset Eve
05 J. Peter Schwalm – Ibra
06 Robert Fripp – At The End Of Time, Broad Chalke (Live)
07 Markus ReuterVeronica
08 David Torn – Reaching Barely, Sparely Fraught
09 Emil Klotzsch – So schläfst auch du / (So you sleep, too)
10 Porya Hatami & Arovane – Iaan
11 Ebauche – Chwiać
12 Fripp, Gunn & Rieflin – Heard, Not Seen
13 J. Peter Schwalm – Strofort
14 Brian Eno – Flora and Fauna _ Gleise 581d ………
15 Sonar – Waves and Particles (feat. David Torn).

Veronica III