NP (lucky me!) Kaziwa . . .

Soft, ghosted ambient via piano, guitar . . . & the ether. Out on May 4th.
(‘Emn’, one of the album tracks, is already positioned on a promotional mix!)

Kaziwa is the second collaboration between Iranian ambient experimental composer Porya Hatami and superlative sound designer Uwe Zahn’s Arovane project. The album was originally released on limited compact disc via the Time Released Sound boutique label in July 2016 and now sees rerelease on n5MD. Each of Hatami and Zahn’s collaborations has been vastly different from one another focusing on a feeling or technique. With Kaziwa the duo focused their attention toward nostalgic layered piano vignettes. The album’s closer “feer” was the first track they worked on and used it as their jumping off point.

What began as a simple loop of piano morphed into something contemplatively fascinating. While that specific track features Hatami supplying most of the piano and Zahn creating the “another time and place” atmospheres the two effortlessly switched off on piano duties all while transparently deviating from the current affectation of Frahm / Sakamoto style ambient piano clarity. This new version of Kaziwa will come on limited vinyl as well as on digital platforms for the first time. The vinyl will be in two variants: 200 180gm gold with black haze LPs as well as 50 180gm gold LPs in a handmade Time Released Sound style parcel, lovingly assembled by TRS’ Colin Herrick.

Each of the 50 includes an x-ray, hand-painted gold leaf DJ cover and gold parcel twine with download card. Direct download, download card, and Bandcamp downloads also include 3 bonus tracks found on the original CD tracklisting from 2016.

This album will be released on May 4th, 2018, on the n5MD Netlabel.
arovane and porya hatami