(translated from his Bandcamp page)

Human values Dissapear “: Treatise on Musical sociology
There is a phrase that is pronounced very emphatically today: “We live hard Times”. “For Pepo Galán, that sentence is a definition of the world we find ourselves in.” Human values Dissapear “contains, from its title, a declaration of intent on the part of the artist, to offer a personal vision of the world around us whose ideal metaphor would be a boat that travels adrift to end up sinking, little by little, to the action and Permissiveness of their passengers.

This continual present, with its paradoxes and inconsistencies, is diluting our capacity for communication, commitment and self-sacrifice, creating, apart from a certain affliction, a mistrust of our environment, including our relationships Closer. With all these reflections, Pepo Galán performs a sociological and emotional treatise on our context, a journey into emotional recesses where we seldom feel comfortable, between frustration and distress but, at some point, a small plot of Hope, an island where we can live with the values that one day were lost.

In this journey of depths and feelings, Pepo Galán has wanted to be accompanied by artists with common affinities of the stature of Cadiz David Cordero and Lee Yi, partner at Dear Sailor. Along with these fellow travelers, the sentimental framework of “Human values Dissapear” is reinforced, offering an intense work, full of enigmatic compositions and, at the same time, sincere and real, tangible for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in their sound.