Rough edges & magnetic resonance, capped off with a slightly undertoned caustic sheen make this a mix right in my “wheelhouse”. I don’t go much for “smooth” with my Jazz, Ambient or Classical music. I like the dissonance; because ONLY by understanding the dissonant edge can we truly appreciate the beauty that its resolution brings.

Thanks to Draeger Gunn, @ Kim Cascone‘s Silent Records, for reaching out with several of the label’s excellent offerings – which laid the foundation for this project. After receiving the tracks from Silent, it was a matter of crafting together a like-minded assemblage of tunes to best represent both the Silent artists and what best complimented them from the non-Silent universe.
This mix includes 5 tracks* from Silent Records artists.
Part 1 of 2 | 77:12

01 Michael Seta – Doesdust*
02 Lustmord – Deep Calls to Deep (Psalm 42-7) (excerpt)
03 Pleq & Hakobune – Depths Of Immersion (Philippe Lamy remix)
04 Björn Meyer – Aldebaran  [added, post-production] +
05 Mike Rooke – Tulpamancingsparkles*
06 Carbon Sigma – Lights Fade in the Distance of an Empty Shoreline (excerpt)
07 Lucid Nation – Mars Opposition Pluto*
08 Brian Eno & Harold Budd – Wind in Lonely Fences
09 Saul Stokes – Quiet Antenna
10 Fictions and Poetics – Underlying Substance
11 Grey Frequency – Phantom Cosmonauts
12 Scott Gibbons – Flowering Vibratory Clavicle*
13 Lingua Lustra – Ice Age*
14 Trent Reznor – Showdown (‘Quake’)
15 Lowell Levine-Sims – Fear Creates Danger, Courage Dispels It

sendust 1

~excerpt from “The ‘s e n d u s t’ project studio interview, 11.10.17