“Black Soma concludes my space-inspired series of releases, following the ‘Sine Dust’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Explorers’ EP’s. Whereas those records were often romantic and other-worldly sounding, I wanted ‘Black Soma’ to be more grounded in the realities and struggles of people living on our own planet, today.

Tracks like ‘Black Soma’ and ‘Black Halcyon’ see a return to the emotionally-charged choral sound of classic 36 tunes like ‘Reunion’, whereas, the synth-dominated ‘Black Sun’ and ‘Black Future’ radiate with the kind of mechanical warmth I just love. For me, the most memorable music skirts the line between sadness and exhilaration, and I feel this has always been at the core of my music, just like it’s at the heart of all people.

It’s been ten years since I first started the 36 project. Here’s to the next ten.”

Released September 12, 2017