new mix project, fresh from the studio:

Where does the dividing line between cognitive clarity (as a time/space/emotional issue), & cognitive dissonance reside? Further: how does cognitive dissonance, as regards genre selection, play into the mix-making process? Not that it’s a “serious” issue at all…different genres each have their own appeal – but I wanted to fuse several together on this project: Ambient, Experimental Ambient, Minimal Techno & Electronica – as opposed to one primary genre dominating the mix.

This project, honed from over 2 hours of original material*, spans the real/perceived distance between ambient & experimental techno/glitch and pushes gently, but firmly, upon the borders of multiple genres.

It’s a slightly caustic/scratchy amalgamation of sound, jump-started by the release of Focal’s remix project ‘Polarity‘…on Ultimae (which has served me over the course of 2 mixes: ‘mute space‘ & now this); plus a little help from my friends over @ Stroboscopic Artefacts.

[I think you’re going to enjoy it — it’s probably the best thing I’ve mixed this year!] | 78:53

01 Markus Guenter – Paragon
02 Triac – Day 2
03 Claudio PRC/Focal – Hyacinth
04 Steve Roach & Robert Logan – Ecdysis Activation
05 Hammock – Dropping Off (edit)
06 Dadub – Iridescent Fragment
07 Off.The.Sky – See Through and Through
08 Bob Ohrum – Subliminal Listening (edit)
09 Will Bolton – Canvas
10 Siavash Amini – Agarthini (edit)
11 Lucy & Rrose – Foil Gardens (edit)
12 Kinosura/Focal – Paradoxical Escape
13 Sendai – Geotope
14 Steve Roach & Robert Logan – The Biomechanoid Lifecycle Revealed (edit)
15 Speedy J – Caligula (w/custom ending segue)
16 Dadub – Life


(artwork restructured from the original on ‘Polarity)

This mix project* incorporates a satellite/companion mix, Hyacinth_7 (7 being the # of times I tweaked the audio-flow): produced from the overage, along with several tracks from my private “glitch-bin”. It has a running time of approximately 60 minutes & includes tracks from Steve Roach+Robert Logan, Focal (Polarity Remix), Si Begg, Scott Solter, Entia Non, Biosphere/Deathprod & AES Dana.