The Stick Men are releasing a free digital download companion album to the limited edition promotional CD “KOLLEKTED” (Blue), which is currently available KonneKtedexclusively at King Crimson concerts. For this download version we’ve assembled some other favorites under the name “KONNEKTED” (Red), and included are also some rather odd tracks from the catalogue.

Enter “0” (zero) to download for free. And please tell your friends!

The Ambient Landscape mixological studio crew (Semi-Red) is hard at work remixing this KOLLEKTION as the track selections, though stellar, were not well segued and are merely a kollektion of kompositions…not a well thought out mix.
Thus, we’ve have dragged the composite tracks into our secret studio & have remixed it (and it sounds so much cleaner & smoother without the gaps) and have added a bonus track at the end, Sus_Tayn_Z (ProjeKct Four).

. . . KonneKted_Remix


  • Released June 13, 2017
  • Written by Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Pat Mastelotto, except “Breathless” (Fripp) and “Sailor’s Tale” (King Crimson)
  • Personel:
    • Tony Levin: Stick and Voice
    • Markus Reuter: U8 and AU8 Touch Guitars and Voice
    • Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic and Electronic Drums and Percussion
    • Guests:
      • David Cross – violin (on “Shades of Starless”)
      • Mel Collins – saxophone (on “Sailor’s Tale”)
      • Artwork/illustration by Maria Picassó i Piquer

Produced by Stick Men