The mix project as novella: this is another mix that began with a theme (texture) that started out at just over an hour & grew to 70, 80 & then 90 minutes as I kept splicing sounds together. There’s more going on here than the naked ear can decipher: several custom overlays, amped up/damped down amplification & editing galore – but those are the projects I like and into which I get totally consumed …anticipating the final deliverable.

Ambient & Minimal Techno/Glitch: a slow, subtle, textural build (through a collection of old gems & some new ambient offerings) to the Marsen Jules & David Torn tracks.The goal was to create an overall quiet mix…but one with some grainy, textural sound/tonal quality.

  • Track #3, while attributable to Steve Roach, became more of a “Roach-like” audio file after I was finished lovingly butchering it via Audacity ;- ).
  • Thanks to Brad @ Free Floating for track #9 – & best of luck in your new, non ambient-driven world!

01 Emil Klotzsch – Tiefe Berge [sctl16 (part 4)]
02 Teruyuki Nobuchika – Still Air
03 Steve Roach/Ambient Landscape – Night [ascending stretch edit]
04 James Johnson – Environment 1 (edit)
05 Chris Russell – Opacity (edit)
06 Leo Abrahams/Brian Eno – Slow Ice, Old Moon
07 Bruno Sanfilippo – Aquarelle Sur Bois
08 Steve Brand – Near Silence [eM remix] (edit)
09 Indigo Symbol – The Beginning
10 Crystal Dreams – Flood [Disturbed Earth mix] (edit)
11 Steve Roach – Cloud Of Knowing
12 Kloob – Emotional Cycle
13 Marsen Jules – Beautyfear XI
14 David Torn – At Least There Was Nothing
15 Ponton – Tiha Kancelarija
16 Matthew Collings – The Resolve of the Flame & the Bullet

The Texture Wall