This is a nice, blended album that Mr. Reedy sent to me a week or so ago. It blends sparse, introspective piano with minimal electronic backing & a lot of sentiment contained within the compositions – please have a listen!

The Great Long Distance is an audible recollection of the first 12 months of a long distance relationship, including the highs and lows and moments in between. It is a journal without words, each of the 12 tracks representing each month respectively.

Inspired by the format of NIN’s Ghosts I-IV, the album is a sonic tapestry of different moods and themes, with various recurring motifs and the subtle melding of synthesizer & samples; the result something not quite classical, ambient or electronic – rather, an eclectic blend of the three.

Released February 17, 2017

All compositions arranged by John D. Reedy.
Album artwork by Mayhem Project Design:

#ModernClassical #Ambient #Minimal


As a bonus, here’s an unofficial concoction including tracks from John Reedy (mix begins withLost Dog’), Markus Reuter & Sha, Dirk Serries, Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, David Torn, 36 & Svarte Greiner – enjoy!

Note: this has been remixed & upgraded to official mix status & will be released, via Mixcloud, this June.