An Ambient-to-Jazz excursion & younger/shorter kid brother
to ‘b l a c k elements’. I had just ordered & was listening
to ‘Black Ice‘ by the Wolfert Brederode Trio & not thinking about mixing
when an email from Belgium arrived with a promo copy of some solo
Jazz improv – and the wheels began turning once again . . .
(& a shout-out & thanks to Dirk Serries for the promo copy of
.Etched Above The Bow Grip‘).

01. Ambient Landscape mix: A Compact Broken Story (Eno/Serries)
(featuring treated slices of  A Compact Forrest Proposal & track 2)
02. Dirk Serries – The Broken Story End
03. Wolfert Brederode Trio – Olive Tree
04. Colin Vallon – Le Vent
06. Dave Holland Quartet – Processional
07. David Virelles – Biankoméko
08. Vijay Iyer Trio – Mystery Woman
09. Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile – Modul 18
10. Trio 3 – Shave
11.  Ornette Coleman/Pat Metheny – Word from Bird

b l a c k point 5_mix