Here’s a sneak peek @ what’s in the mixing pipeline between now & early November; some Ambient, Experimental, Techno & Jazz:

Next few months_mixing

  1. Air – the follow up to ‘Delicate Extract’ made via iPad & Steve Roach’s Immersion Station app.
  2. Lithea (inner) – the follow up to Lithea ’14 – revolving around the balance of the fabulous album by 36.
  3. Slipstream 2016 – a follow up to an Ambient series (10 editions) from the mid-2000’s
  4. elements.X – a shrieking look at free Jazz & other raucous, audiological din drafting off the Metheny/Coleman composition, Song X!
  5. Firelight remix – drafting off a recent Roach composition & pushing the envelope of quietude.
  6. Razor – quirky sounds, experimental goodness…& some fun with Brian Eno’s ‘Neroli’.
  7. Velocity.1 – techno machinations & a backdrop for effective cardio workouts
  8. Thermogenic – slower/darker ambient & drone.