London 2016 [no label, 3CD set]
Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK: April 24 2016. Fairly to very good audience recording.

Pink crossed with purple at the Royal Albert Hall, as a purple orb shone over the stage like a purple sun, spotlights bathed the imperious Victorian interior in luminous hues of violet, and David Gilmour segued Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb into Prince’s Purple Rain. In the midst of the longest, brightest burning coda to the Floyd rock classic you could ever wish to hear, the band shifted seamlessly into the Prince chord sequence, Gilmour showering his rapt audience at this Teenage Cancer Trust benefit gig with a cascade of glittering guitar notes while a trio of backing singers delivered descending, “Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh’s”.

No words were said or needed to be, as one incredible guitarist paid tribute to another. It was a fantastic and unexpected conclusion to another reliably impressive performance from Gilmour that hit all the right notes to satisfy fans whilst only intermittently setting pulses racing. Comfortably Numb is perhaps a risky title to have hanging around your neck.

D_Gilmour 2016_track list

Info, file download & art:

My remix, 11 tracks taken from the 3 discs (approx 71 minutes):
01 5 AM
02 Shine On You Crazy Diamond
03 Faces Of Stone
04 Wish You Were Here
05 Comfortably Numb (inc Purple Rain)
06 Us & Them
07 A Boat Lies Waiting
08 The Girl In The Yellow Dress
09 Time_Breathe (Reprise)
10 Astronomy Domine
11 Money
12 Outro

Download the remix (zip folder) via Dropbox
D_Gilmour 2016