The first mix project from ‘immersion station’, created via iPad/ADelicate screenshot1udacity:

basically the manipulation of immersion station’s sound orbs via iPad, (original post on this was here) exported to PC & then tinkered with via Audacity (overlap, stretch, reverse/reverb/echo & hyper-segues) knit together with sounds predisposed to one another.

Fun/challenging as one constantly seeks differentiation in tonal structure…so the whole thing remains cohesive as a project without simply sounding “the same”.

Delicate Extract | 52:38 | Created 03.05-06.16

Delicate screenshot2
01. Ambient Landscape – Delicate Blend (stretch edit)
02. Ambient Landscape – Blue Orb Drone
03. Ambient Landscape – Amber Orb Drone (mid overlap w/ track 2)delicate_iPad
04. Ambient Landscape – Metallic Static
05. Ambient Landscape – Delicate Balance (parts 1, 2 & 3)
06. Ambient Landscape – Delicate Extract (L/R balance edit)
07. Chris Russell – Goloka (w/ embedded immersion effects)
08. Ambient Landscape – 3 Orbs Walk into a Bar
09. Steve Roach/Loren Nerell – Texture Wall (excerpt)

delicate extract