Announcing a fantastic aural adventure from this first EP offering on the Intimate Silence  label:

The three EP tracks:

01 Figurant
02 Filling Scars with Light &
03 Empathy Keeps me from Sleeping

…invoke a subtle sense of synthetic strings & somber drones, painting a densely thematic, aurally looped, holistic landscape. They could be the perfect, quiet backdrop to your sleep-time, meditative/emotive time…or even more amorous activities.

Tonal synergy & poetic ambient structure are ever present as the listener drifts [and drifts] further into this gorgeous wash of sound & sonance – slightly reminiscent (at times) of Seofon’s Zero Point release from The Foundry to give but one point of ambient reference.

I’ll soon have an excerpted portion of one of the tracks, ‘Figurant‘, on the drawing board for an Ambient/Drone mix slated for Mixcloud release later this year.

Meanwhile, curious listeners can find these sounds at the links below:

: I was recently  “speaking” (FaceBook/online/email) with Benedikt Christian, the founder of this German based label: here’s a bit of our conversation:

  1. What’s your passion in sharing your brand of Ambient music with the world?
    Intimate Silence is a label with the philosophy to bring out music for the lonesome hours, the intimate moments and the wish for silence, healing the pain that other music is inflicting.
  1. What are your goals with this new label?
    The intention of my new label is to enrich more people with this kind of music, because ambient should be more popular! Ambient music is a relatively ‘unpopular’ genre that isn’t covered too much by the common media. And this label is something that’s coming from the heart into which I’ve put a lot of work.
  1. Which genres/sub-genres of Ambient will you concentrate on?
    I’m not planning to concentrate on a certain sub-genre as I am a very open-minded person and I like all the different aspects of Ambient music, be it the beautiful and swirly scapes or the more rough and droney sounds. As long as I like it, I might consider it to be part of Intimate Silence.
  2. Who are/were your influences?
    My influences are mostly things or situations that happen to me in my life, both positive and negative. But also artists like Ben Frost, Tim Hecker or Alva Noto leave a big impression on me because of their amazing shows and outputs.
  1. Which other artists are you approaching for this label/catalog?
    At the moment I’m in constant contact with a young guy from Stockholm called Dold. It seems as he would be the next one.
  1. When can we expect your next release?
    You can expect the next release in the middle of this year.
  1. Brian Eno once stated that Ambient music MUST be as interesting as it is ignorable; what might you add to that statement?
    There is nothing to add, I totally agree

…we’ll certainly be looking forward to the mid-year release!

Intimate Silence