A few years ago I purchased the Steve Roach born iPad app, ‘Immersion Station‘, & enjoyed using it for studying & working on my iPad. It operates via 5 orbs of programmed sound which the user may shift & manipulate to create infinite sound-scaped audio worlds.
The biggest gripe I had was that I couldn’t export the mixes, directly from the app, to any useful format; merely save & play them utilizing the app.

And then, after plugging my earbuds into my iPad…I had the idea to grab a cable out of my car, which I use occasionally to plug my phone into the dash (when the Bluetooth is off)……………………..and…

Voilà! I was able to export, from iPad-to-PC, all the mixes I had created!

So I’ve begun an intricate agglomeration of single/double/triple layered audio files to use as components for future mixes. This opens up an entirely new world of mixing as I can use the files “as is”, combine them with one another…or use them as layered backdrops for compositions by other artists to tweak the atmosphere of a particular mix. I’m beginning this project by simply listening…a lot…to what I’m creating – but the idea of being able to create, via iPad, during inspired moments, or simply from my couch, is intriguing &…cool!

Stay tuned…new ambient mixological horizons are approaching…someday, a little ‘further on down the road’ (hat-tip to Eric Clapton)

Immersion Station remix2