Listening to this now; it will work its way onto an ‘elements’ mix sometime later this year…(Parker & Bailey were the first 2 artists that sprang to mind when I received the audio files last week…yum!)
Andrew Lisle : drums
Dirk Serries : electric guitar
Colin Webster : alto and baritone saxophone

Some [tracks] are building directly on the foundations of pioneers like Evan Parker, John Stevens and Derek Bailey, while others are always on the lookout for fresh, contemporary sounds, or try to combine them. But they’re all united by a similar curiosity, a search for finding their own voices and a never-ending reinvention of themselves. This also seems to be the case with the brand new Kodian Trio of Andrew Lisle, Dirk Serries and Colin Webster. While they first played together as members of a quartet with Amsterdam-based saxophone player John Dikeman and recorded two albums in April of 2015 (a live album that appeared on Webster’s Raw Tonk Records and a double studio album on New Wave Of Jazz), the trio reconvened for a studio session at the end of October that same year.


All three musicians definitely belong in the category of ‘transformers’, and I presume that all three have wildly diverse influences and listening habits.Kodian Trio’s debut release immediately makes a strong case for these guys’ adaptive skills, as the results here are recognizably theirs, but also very different from the releases with John Dikeman. It sounds as if all three of them even widened their range and dynamics to compensate for the loss of a colleague. Serries is more assertive, sometimes front and center of the collective. Webster also brought his alto and tenor saxophones to the studio. And Lisle also goes way beyond the usual abstractionism, using pretty extreme textures one moment and offering a forceful attack the next.” from the liner notes of Guy Peters.

Kodian Trio__One