A Jazz~ish (actually ambient-experimental-jazz) musical excursion; and, content-wise, the most ambient, of the ‘elements‘ series to date (even the Jazz tracks are some of the most ethereal ever employed!).

Beginning as a much shorter project (thus begetting the title), this g-r-e-w into a BIGGIE-Sized mixture of sound, of just under 94 minutes & had me borrowing 2 tracks from my 2015 collaboration with low-light mixes, (which also provided an inspirational template*, after a fashion, for this project).

Viva la #EtherJazz!


01 Alio Die & Amelia Cuni – Apsaras (excerpt)
02 Chris Russell – Axiom
03 Dirk Serries, Martina Verhoeven & Colin Webster – Cinepalace (excerpt)
04 Andrew Cyrille, Pete Rende & Ben Monder – Zythum
05 Anna Thorvaldsdottir w/Alio Die & Nick Parkin – Shades of Silent Marcasites (audio morphed excerpt)
06 Trio 3 – Rosemarie
07 Ben Monder – Dinosaur Skies
08 Bersarin Quartett – Rot Und Schwarz
09 Cousin Silas – Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown (excerpt)
10 David Torn – O.K., Shorty
11 Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny  – Tears of Rain
12 Andy Summers – The Lonely Woman
13 Colin Vallon – Immobile
14 David Virelles – Transmission
15 Andy Sheppard Quartet – Tipping Point
16 Rabih Abou-Kalil – Just Three Miles
17 Vijay Iyer Trio – Hood


elements__micro (paper)_sm

(made with Paper, by Fifty Three)