Tripped across an old friend yesterday, online…Tiefe Berge…beautiful!

The intention behind “Tiefe Berge” was for Emil Klotzsch to create a sonic exploration of this cinematic area of the world. Therefore, he traveled to the Highlands by himself to feel the power and myth of the rural northern part of Scotland. The result is a an audio exploration of the vast flora and fauna that the majestic Scottish highlands offer, recreated by many field recordings taken, who form the plateau of these takes. Streaming water, the whistling of the cold and foggy wind, its cruising birds around who are barely whistling, the distant grumbling of clashing rain clouds and on top of all these particular moments of majestic silence – all of these original recordings redraw accurate layers of the true Scottish Highlands experience viewed from the eyes of an artist who is looking for solitude.

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Tiefe Berge