This a fantastic agglomeration of ambient & causticity…I’ve already snagged several tunes for the 2016 mixological year.

Btw, for those of you who don’t know, 2016 IS the Year-of-the-Ambient-Mix (an’ I go that bona-fide!)
;- )
“ORCHID” is the result of 5 months work by some of the most dedicated and talented people I’ve had the good fortune to know. From the first notes of Steve Brand’s wonderful “Near Silence”, you know you’re in for something special on this release. The breadth of composition and style here – from the sweeping pads of Altus’ “Phantasm” to the haunting piano of Robert Scott Thompson’s “Song of the Standing Stone” – is simply breathtaking. There is no avenue of ambient left unexplored in the more than 100 minutes of this compilation. Minimalist, electro, space, melodic and dark ambient – each finds a place on “ORCHID”.

The title for the release is born from this diversity of styles – orchidaceae is a massive and incredibly diverse family of flowers, each with it’s own ineffable beauty. The parallel between this beautiful family of flora and the music on this release was all too easy to draw.

My deepest thanks to all of the amazing artists who gave their time and talent to bring this release to life. Special thanks to peter james, for not only his brilliant contribution but for his impeccable mastering and to Steve Brand, whose beautiful track is only equaled by the stunning visuals he created for the release.

As with all eM releases, “ORCHID” is free for download. Should you wish to pay for the album, you are free (and, if I may say, encouraged) to do so. All proceeds from sales of “ORCHID” will go directly into the maintenance and upkeep of the earthMANTRA label.

Please enjoy.

Geoff – eM

1. Near Silence (eM Mix) – Steve Brand
2. Phantasm – Altus
3. Pourquoi Faire – Mathieu Lamontagne
4. Tetrahelix – Massergy
5. Unfurling – Roy Mattson
6. Blue Moon – M Dempsey
7. The Word Will Not Awaken – peter james
8. Entrance to Mahãyãna – Christopher Alvarado
9. Endless Moon – Scott Lawlor
10. Song of the Standing Stone – Robert Scott Thompson
11. Goloka – Chris Russell
12. Weightless – åpne sinn | peter james