. . .is right around the mixological bend. We’ve been working on some sound excursions we think you’ll dig.

Good mixes are, for me, the new albums. I rarely if ever listen to entire albums. I graze, listen with mixing in mind, cut the chaff,  arrange the remaining compositions in a specific order with like-minded tunes (ambient, experimental, classical, jazz, etc), give it a name & then listen to them.

Every once in awhile, say with David Torn or Vijay Iyer, there’ll be tunes so fantastic that I keep them on my phone to play solo – but that’s rare. Mixes, for me, fit the Brian Eno definition of Ambient: as interesting (active listening) as they are ignorable (passive listening), whilst napping, computing, blogging or reading (and occasionally Nordic Tracking [bad weather days] – I run long distance, sans tunes) .

Anyways…we have some completely brand new things to deliver, as well as several remastered (with new tracks added) stand-out mixes from our Art of the Mix days (when we mixed as ‘g.a.b. l@bs‘ – prior to starting this blog, the FB page & Mixcloud).

These (below) will get us through January. And then, I guess we’ll mix some more . . .

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