This is a gorgeous, slowly developing landscape of ambience; ghostly & sparse in its composition…yet rich in body, depth of emotion & sonic texture. A washed undertone plays in the background as minimalist electronica subtly populates the foreground; a sort of sonic lullaby.

The soundscapes would easily fit an ambient-shaped hole alongside such composers as Bob Ohrum, Carbon Based Lifeforms, The Circular Ruins, Numina, Christopher Bissonnette & the collaborative work of Oophoi & Paul Vnuk, Jr. – to name a few.

Mark develops a mood here: an intentional ambient landscape that almost imperceptibly pivots from hushed…to Spartan quietude & back again…non-complex complexity. I’ll certainly be scanning the ethereal horizon for future works from this composer. Highly recommended!

— Ambient Landscape, December 02, 2015

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In the Forests

An excerpt of this work will be featured on our upcoming mix: An Extended Aerial View of Night, mid/late December 2015.