An experimental mix with a subtly somber tone . . and the “feel” of the experimental mixes I made years ago…when, grabbing sounds here & there, I didn’t really think twice about who thought what about what I was mixing…as long as I enjoyed the process & the final audiological product.

Several tracks, which were painfully cut from the recent Starless Skies series, have now been brought back into the audiological fold along with a brand new, analog/modular-based track off the recent Steve Roach release, Skeleton Keys…& I continue to chew through David Torn’s excellent Only Sky.

Props to anyone who can tell me what the title’s reference means.

01 Deathprod – Optical (edit)
02 Julio DiBennedeto – Chromosphere
03 Van Geel, Biosphere, Deathprod – KinOptical (l@b mash/edit)
04 Erik Skodvin – Black & Bronze
05 In Between Noise – I Have in Me Like a Haze
06 Memnon Sa – ESHKIGAL
07 Michel Banabila and Oene van Geel – Radio Spelonk
08 Fripp & Keneally –  Keneally (excerpt)
09 Virlyn – Pocairt
10 Steve Roach – It’s All Connected
11 Dave Fulton – Like 2nd Place
12 Biting Eye – Ektappa
13 Swanning – MG
14 David Torn – Reaching Barely, Sparely Fraught