In years past, I used Roxio Music Editor to construct my mixes. I mixed them one track @ a time with only 20 seconds of fade-in/fade-out allowed me by the software (not enough!). The output was a mix…but with individual tracks (and the little electronic ‘blip’ in-between selections).

Then I moved on to Audacity, with unlimited fades & morphing/editing ability. The output was one long mp3 which I use for online posts (Mixcloud / Art of the Mix / my A.L. Facebook page). Personally I chop them into 4 or 5 segments, then upload them to my phone, as I rarely listen to a mix in a single sitting…but don’t want to have to start at the beginning each time.

The snag kicks in when I want to resurrect old mix favorites (like the one below) & alter them with newer tracks that are a natural fit…but into which I have to insert the new track into the old fades (zoom-in & micro-fit).

changing stringsI just completed one: an acoustic guitar mix into which I wanted to retro-fit a David Torn track – trouble is, it was to become the “new” track thirteen out of 17 tracks…but some meticulous mixological footwork made the whole thing happen.

It’s not yet ready for upload (I have yet to retro-mix the first eleven tracks) – but, hopefully, soon!

Changing Strings (2006/2015) (a guitar-in-its-many-forms mix)

01 Broken Town – Steve Roach
02 Ian Fish, U.K. Heir – David Bowie/Erdal Kızılçay
03 Egypt – Øystein Sevåg & Lakki Patey
04 Affirmation_ IMAC – Robert Fripp
05 Abandoned Playgrounds – Jeff Pearce
06 Drinking Lesson –  Steve Tibbetts
07 Pictures Of Lulu – Rob Eberhard Young
08 Concerto RV 356 in A minor No. 6, 2. Largo – Antonio Vivaldi
[Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Iona Brown]
09 Sanz, Gallardas – Andrés Segovia
10 Dream – I Just Want 2 Drown In U – Ottmar Liebert
11 Hymn for Ginsberg – Bill Frisell
12 Ferry Cross The Mersey – Pat Metheny
13 Spoke With Folks – David Torn
14 Fast Spacer – Dagobert Böhm
15 Watercolour Guitars – The Fireman
16 Smoke – Henry Frayne (Lanterna)
17 Raise My Rent – David Gilmour

changing strings