I had been anticipating the arrival of ‘Starless Starlight‘, the just released album by violinist David Cross and King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. David built an album around 2 soundscapes crafted by Fripp in 2006, themselves constructed around the Cross/Fripp composition Starless.

Listening to snippet mp3’s online, I began to get an idea of the overall sound and began crafting component sections of what I thought would be a single mix…but upon receipt of the actual CD from Burning Shed, knew would be a 2 part mini-series.

Combined with the new release by David Torn (Only Sky), Julio Benedetto’s (Original Light) a few one-off purchases from Amazon & a vault of Classical & Jazz CD’s to peruse…I slowly began piecing together two audiological paths (both parts simultaneously, with part 2 still on the “drawing board”).

Here’s part 1, clocking in @ 92:52 (part 2 is here):

01 Brian Eno – As if Your Eyes Were Partly Closed as If You Honed the Swirl Within The World
02 Julio DiBenedetto – Before Gravity (excerpt)
03 Herion – Oxg 1 (excerpt)
04 Dagobert Böhm, Markus Reuter, Zoltán Lantos – Interlude
05 David Cross & Robert Fripp – Sure of the Dark
06 Leonardo Rosado – The Touch of Your Lips (excerpt)
07 Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois – Under Stars II
08 Tim Storey & H.J. Roedelius – Under Mars We Were
09 36 – Stasis Eject (excerpt)
10 Brian Eno w/ Marsen Jules & l@bs – LUX 5 (excerpt)
11 David Cross & Robert Fripp – Starlight Trio
12 David Torn – At Least There Was Nothing
13 Roman Mintz – Frozen River Flows (excerpt)
14 Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel –  Chaos (excerpt)
15 Dan Trueman – Machine Language (excerpt)
16 Fripp, Buck, Chalenor, Chamberlain, Reflin & Zazou – Slow Music Project 1 (excerpt)
17 Eric Skodvin – Moving Mistake
18 Jan Garbarek Group – The Tall Tear Trees
19 David Cross & Robert Fripp – In The Shadow
20 Altus & l@bs – Memory Thief (excerpt)    
21 Harold Budd & John Foxx – Momentary Architecture      
22 David Cross & Robert Fripp – Starless Theme

staring at a starless sky