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Biosphere Deathprod - Stator (Touch)

In 1998, Biosphere and Deathprod, Geir Jenssen and Helge Sten respectively, Nordheim Transformed, a split album where both artists transformed the original experimental music of (fellow Norwegian) Anne Nordheim’s “Electric” (1974) almost beyond recognition. It’s not completely clear whether Jenssen and Sten actually worked together on this album – it’s a split, where different tracks are each credited to one of the two artists – but from its coherence it’s clear that they at least influenced each other greatly in producing this album. Nordheim Transformed is a landmark album in both artists’ catalogs, as well as for the ambient music genre in general.

Seventeen years later (and quite a lot of releases), Jenssen and Sten return to this split-album formula to release Stator, built on the same principles: each delivering individual tracks (three tracks contributed by Biosphere, and four tracks by Deathprod). This project that was commissioned by Tape to Zero for their…

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