I just cracked the surface of this…gritty, grimy & a little caustic – my kind of stuff!

a closer listen

SP016_Cover.inddFour years after Flare comes Flame, a sequel of sorts from Deaf Center’s Erik K. Skodvin, also known as Svarte Greiner.  Those familiar with the artist’s vast discography know to expect darkness, although the type of darkness varies with each moniker and each release.  This darkness is cast in light.

The bright orange cover may lead some to expect a blazing wildfire or factory conflagration.  But these pieces are subtle, concentrating on the flame itself: heat, light, flickering.  At no time does the music erupt.  The fire streams unnoticed through wires, behind walls, beneath embers that appear to be extinguished.  Should one experience the fullness of its awful power, one will already be too late to flee.

Accompanying Skodvin in this venture are Gareth Davis on clarinet and Anne Müller and Mika Posen on strings, none of whom are strangers to collaboration.  Their contributions lend the album a fuller sound…

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