A quiet mix inspired by Free Floating’s 2014 release, ‘Quiet Friend’s, a Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures from Silence’. Chopped neatly into 3 segments for ease of access – cover artwork made via the Paper by Fifty Three iPad app (after the ‘Quiet Friends’ official project artwork).

This began as a rather short (50 minutes) mix – but grew as new music simply “arrived” via links, online reviews, net-label previews & casual listening…adding what are now the first 3 tracks as well as the mix’s closer.

01 Max Corbacho – Beyond Vaults
02 Dream Twice – Intro + Beneath the Grass
03 Oophoi/Paul Vnuk, Jr. – East Field, Helikum (excerpt)
04 Steve Roach – Structures From Silence (excerpt)
05 Christopher Sisk – 8_extended (excerpt)
06 Matthew VandenBrook – Breathe (excerpt)
07 Disturbed Earth – Breakwater
08 Simon Slater – Solace
09 Marsen Jules – Marsen Jules @ GRM, pt. 2 (excerpt)
10 Jack Hertz – Pillars of Silence
11 Fabio Keiner – Etude Zephyrienne
12 Mathieu Lamontagne – Pelle Poire


Q[u]iet mi[x]