Marsen Jules releases 24hour long track on USB-flash-drive

Marsen Jules_Endless Change of Colour
Marsen Jules just released a 24 hour long version of his track „The Endless Change or 
Colour“ on a limited usb-flash-drive. The generative ambient composition was originally 
released as a 42 min long CD on Taylor Deupree´s label 12k. The piece is based on three 
samples of different time length which are looped into a sounddesign-set-up that 
constantly changes on many different layers. This composing technique called phasing, was 
first used by minimal composer Steve Reich in his composition „It´s gonna rain“ and later 
inspired Eno to his generative ambient concepts. Using the idea of phasing to the extreme 
Jules composed a constantly changing environment that creates unique moments over hours. 
A musical richness of which the CD version could only show an excerpt. With the new 24 
hour version Jules wants to give the listeners a chance to explore the deepness and ever 
constantly changing quality of the piece.

The 1.440 hour long track comes on a limited edition full metal USB flash drive with 
laser gravure packed in a black magnet-box with silver imprint. The drive contains a 2GB 
MP3-file in 320kbps. All copies will be hand-numbered. It is currently sold for 39,-€ 
plus shipping on the artist website.